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Abstraction 10123.11.2020 г., 09:23:38 ч.

One of the most important tools at our disposal in every field of science and our daily lives is abstraction! It doesn't enable us to solve problems faster nor it makes our sistems more efficient. Abstraction allows us to grasp complex ideas/problems and discuss them by pin-pointing the important part and ignoring the irrelevant details. It is helping us humans think and express ourselves, rather than helping computers compute. Read more ->

React Hooks vs FP16.08.2020 г., 00:53:05 ч.

With the release of React 16.8 we got the much anticipated hooks! And immediatelly the whole dev community lost their collective mind about how amazing the hooks are! How much more functional we can write our React components/apps... whatever they are writing. Well, bad news - there is nothing functional about the code that uses hooks... Read more ->

Hello World!14.08.2020 г., 03:02:54 ч.

What is a new venture whithout a 'Hello World!' message. This post talks about how this page became reality... also why I did write my own static site generator in the process... Read more ->